something you might not have heard about… prophetic learning communities

So if you have had much to do with the 3dm movement, you will know that we are all committed to growing cultures of discipleship and mission that are multipliable and transferable in to any context. i.e. The principles and practices for discipleship and mission we teach are for everyone. They work in any context and with any people group imaginable. We see them being practiced across all sorts of denominations and ministry contexts: from missionaries in Africa, to company directors training their employees and everything else in between.


Part of this has meant that as the movement has grown, we’ve developed specialist ministry streams, working with some specific teams with a certain ministry focus. One of these exciting partnerships that is becoming ever-increasingly fruitful is with the prophetic ministry.

Cath Livesey, part of the 3dm UK team and leader of Accessible Prophecy, has taken her wealth of experience in growing a thriving prophetic ministry within a discipleship culture in order to pioneer the work of Prophetic Learning Communities with local church teams across the UK. The vision of a Prophetic Learning Community is to:

1. Train and equip teams with all of the principles, skills, and tools necessary to grow and release this kind of prophetic culture in their context
2. Develop a relational network of people who have a heart for growing and developing this kind of prophetic culture and ministry in their local churches

Prophetic Learning Communities are composed of church teams from around the country who gather once every 6 months for input, encouragement, challenge and goal-setting. They are a great way for any church to intentionally grow and expand prophetic ministry in a supportive environment.

Our new Prophetic Learning Community is starting on the 10th and 11th May and we’re really excited to be partnering with teams from around the country (and beyond) as we seek to grow healthy and mature prophetic culture in our churches.

Interested? If you’d like to hear more about this, get in touch


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