3dmVOICE – does your audience hear more than just words?

Today we are really excited to be launching a very new kind of resource, and stream, within the 3DM Movement!
How many of us actually get discipled and trained in how to communicate well with those we lead? How much of the message that we know God has placed in us makes it from our hearts to those of our listeners?

There are always those who will have a natural ability to pull this off, but for many of us, it can feel like a challenge. As we said last month, 3dmVOICE is about empowering leaders to rediscover this craft of  communication; a craft that can be learned. This new ebook launched today – “Voice” by Hanne Dalsgaard – gives us a unique and invaluable opportunity to start rediscovering this craft and some of the tools involved.

Today, at the start of this exciting new season, we’ve asked Hanne to share a bit about her personal journey and story as she has stepped into this ministry:

I have seen communicators grow incredibly in competence just through making the simplest adjustments and recognising their non-verbal ingrown habits.

We all know how important body language is in communication and leadership; but too often we are only focusing on WHAT we say and not HOW we say it. WHAT we say is, obviously, of great importance, but HOW we say it can either help or hinder the message. If we are willing to learn the craftsmanship of communicating, there is much to be gained.

Six years ago I had an important conversation with God – a conversation that in so many ways has defined the path I have been walking along since.

After seven years of studying at the Danish Music Academy, now with a master in singing performance, I began to ask God, what he wanted to use it all for.

I’m one of those people who finds it difficult to focus my thoughts in prayer, so I always write my thoughts/prayers down. It’s  like a conversation with God –  I share my heart with him, ask questions and often He guides  and comforts me through my own writing. I typically sense His presence as a heavy blanket on my shoulders…

One day, sitting on my couch praying, I felt the presence of the Lord, and He said: “Hanne, What would you like to do with your life?” My immediate response was “I would love to teach others to communicate in such a way that the audience hear more than just the words…

God said: “Well, then do that!”

HD 0 BWThe next minute I found myself explaining to God the Almighty, that this indeed was my passion and dream, but it wasn’t likely to come true, particularly because I had absolutely no idea how I would begin to offer my skills to communicators – and I didn’t know anything about how to run a business. “So God, in a more down-to-earth-scale – what do you want me to do?”

God responded: “Hanne, what if we began to operate out of a reality where I define what’s possible?”

I became silent, not just audibly silent, but silent inside. I had no idea what would happen, but I knew that an adventure was about to begin, and I didn’t want to miss out on it. I replied “Yes Lord, that would be a new perspective in my life, but what should I do then?

God said: “Let me open the doors. Will you walk in, if I open the doors?”

Now six years later, I am amazed to have been a witness of his faithfulness and grace in my life. Every time God has opened new doors, I’ve been so scared and worried, but then He reminds me of the deal we made. He opens the doors… All I have to do is to walk in…

Letting Him be God for whom everything – EVERYTHING – is possible.”

And below is a small extract more specifically about the ebook and this idea of the “craft of communication”:

“I am a carpenter’s daughter and grew up watching my dad working with wood. He knew how to use the tools in his toolbox. He knew when it was time to go easier on the wood or when to take another tool. After many years of working with wood he knew the value of the tools and had the ability to choose the right tool – and use it properly.

But his work wasn’t about the tool.


His work was about wood and what he wanted to create. He had come to a place of unconscious competence and it was – and is still – a joy to watch him work in his workshop

If communication is a craft then we can have the same approach to “learning the trade”. VOICE represents an introduction to some of the key tools we need to become familiar with in on the journey towards developing excellent communication skills. It is an opportunity for all of us to rediscover the craft of communication and make this skill accessible to any leader in any context.”

FREE CHAPTER of our new ebook “VOICE” is available to download HERE.
3dmVOICE, led by Hanne Dalsgaard, is committed to providing the tangible tools and expert coaching for leaders to gain both confidence and competence in communicating their message. If you’d like to connect with Hanne or find out more about this exciting new opportunity, please click here.

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