Performers draw crowds, but leaders make disciples (Part Two)

performersFollowing on from last week is Part Two of  Dave Rhodes‘ blog, “Performers draw crowds, but leaders make disciples”. This post takes a closer look at the WOW! and AHA! cultures he mentioned last week, and what that means in terms of accessibility and excellence.

“In my last post, I talked about my transition from simply being a performer to becoming a leader. I talked about the power of AHA! and of our addiction to the WOW! Today I want to go further and talk about how AHA! and WOW! also relate to another function of our ministries and organizations: the MEH.

Here’s how it works. WOW! culture values excellence, but there’s no way for anyone to reproduce what you’re doing. It’s all excellence, no accessibility. AHA! culture is both excellent and accessible, but the culture of accessibility with no excellence is a MEH experience for everyone.

Here’s a matrix to illustrate what I’m talking about….”





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