How can we invest our most precious resource?

Today’s post is from Jack Weaver, one of our team members here in Sheffield who’s currently doing an internship with us. Jack moved from Australia last year to come and be part of our oikos and below is a little snapshot of his journey so far… 🙂

A few months ago when I started here at 3dm, I was listening to one of Rich’s morning devotionals that was looking at Nehemiah 4: 16-23, and focused a lot on the tension that is created between Battle and Building. It stuck with me and I began to look at the areas in my life where that tension of building and battling was present. Initially I thought it was the tension between establishing rhythms while facing spiritual attack – but I soon realised that it was less about spiritual attack and more about the struggle that exists between the Internal and External aspects of my life – and learning how to embrace that tension and move forward in what I was doing.

I came to Sheffield in March and since then have been on an internal discipleship journey which was seen me walk closer with God than ever before. I’ve been working hard to implement new disciplines in order to deepen and further my understanding and relationship with God – and all along the way God has been working within me, pruning back the things that need to go, and revealing more of Himself to me, and how that shapes who I am and how I function, as well as what I’m called to. There have however, also been a lot of external pressures to deal with at the same time. New opportunities, learning new disciplines and establishing new rhythms, developing new relationships and friendships in a city where I previously only knew a handful of people have all created a tension with the discipleship journey I’ve been on.

Throughout my time here, God has spoken to me about striking the right balance between the Internal and External. He’s been showing me that time is a really important factor in maintaining that balance, and He’s taught me about prioritising the things I’m doing so that I don’t end up misusing my time and losing the balance I’m trying to keep hold of.Clock 2

I think there’s an issue with young people today that we often don’t know how to best use our time. We’re subject to a lot of distractions, and we lose sight of what we actually hold important. The problem with losing sight of what’s important is that it means if we aren’t careful, we can lose sight of God. We begin to waste time, and it slips away. But we really can’t let it slip away.

Time is the one resource God provides for us that we can’t gain more of, at least here on Earth. That’s why what we do with our time is such an obvious tell for the things we value most dearly.

How we use our most precious resource reflects what is most precious to us.

This is a lesson that God has been teaching me for a long time – even before I came to Sheffield. It’s been a long process for it to sink in and really take hold. So in learning to maintain the balance between what is happening Internally and Externally, I’ve been learning how to focus on what I value, and prioritise how I invest my time accordingly. By learning to prioritise, I’ve been able to make what could have been really challenging decisions with relative ease. This has seen me cut back on some commitments, and invest more time into others. It also means that I’m not wasting my time like I have done in the past.

If we learn to listen and hear what God is calling us to, this provides us with VISION. When we have a vision, we can begin to look at how that influences what we are choosing to do. Learning to run the things I do by the vision I’ve received has allowed me to assign different levels of PRIORITY to how I invest my TIME. Here at 3dm I’ve learnt that when we use our Vision to make Priorities, we can manage our Time. When we can manage our time, we can balance the Internal and External pressures we might be facing.

I know in learning this discipline, I’ve been better equipped to balance the pressures I’m facing as I continue on my own discipleship journey. Are there areas in your own discipleship journey where you need Vision and Priority to help you manage your Time so that you can continue to grow as a disciple?


Jack moved from Geelong, Australia last year to come an intern with the 3DM Content Team. He is currently living in Sheffield and doing Form – a young adult discipleship year – as part of this internship with 3DM. 

Jack has been studying for a BA in Professional & Creative Writing and his favourite kind of weekend is relaxing at home with some good friends. He also likes a good cinnamon doughnut. 


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