3 Leadership Tips

3 Leadership Tips

Today, here’s 3 quick leadership tips to share with you from Nic Harding, a friend and regular contributor to the blog, based at Frontline Church in Liverpool.

1. Understand and develop yourself to the fullest

I’ve found, for example, Strengthsfinder, Myers-Briggs, and Enneagram very helpful. If I know myself, then I can play to my strengths and avoid the pitfalls (usually the flip side of my strengths). 360 feedback from our team has been another valuable way to get the brutal facts about myself!

A good spouse who speaks the truth in love is always a winner when it comes to old-fashioned ‘say it like it is’ honesty.

How well do you know yourself?

2. Keep the fires of passion for Jesus burning in your heart

Do whatever it takes to achieve that, for without it there is nothing else of value. Our love for Him is the only true motivator for service – everything else is legalism, guilt-tripped, or designed to win approval. None of these motivations will stand the test of time.

If I don’t get my raucous praise and worship time, passionate prayer time, and ‘digging into God’s word’ time in the mornings, then my day rarely fulfills its potential and I feel all the emptier for it.

What do you need to do?

3. Keep going

As Eugene Peterson says: ‘it’s long obedience in the same direction’. It’s not those who have the flashiest gifts or greatest anointings who will ultimately win the day, but those who refuse to give up, who fall forward and see every failure as a learning experience. As Winston Churchill says ‘success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm’.

What do you do when you are tempted to give up?


Nic-Thumbnail-web3Nic is senior pastor of Frontline Church in Liverpool. Nic and Jenny have 4 daughters and 6 grandchildren. As well as his partnership with 3DM Europe, Nic also has an increasing role in the Covenant Kingdom Network of churches. A good book in a coffee shop is his favourite kind of recharging time.


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