3 Ways to Connect with God

3 Leadership Tips

Here are three ways that help Rich Robinson, director of 3dm Europe, to connect with God:

  • Exercise:  stimulating my body with my mind having space

Exercise is a great way for me to connect with God because there’s an external stimulus for my body which helps gives me the space to have a mental stillness to be able to listen and be still.

Going for a run, or the movement and rhythm of doing something like ironing keeps my body active and gives me space to be able to reflect or have some worship on. It’s from that place that my thoughts drift and I’m able to listen to what God’s saying to me.

  • Reading: challenging my mind and considering personal application

I love to read leadership books, devotionals or auto biographies. Reading other people’s stories really helps me to connect with God as I’m able to put myself in their shoes, or I use their experience to connect with something of God’s truth or something of his purpose. So, in terms of Covenant I may read a book and it helps me hear God’s truth about Himself, or about me, and in terms of Kingdom there’s something sparked in my call or purpose as I read about other people’s journeys. I hear the echo of God’s voice in other people’s learning or experience.

  • Stopping: resting to see and listen to God in the stillness

Sitting alone in a coffee shop – a public space – with noise, people, and activity around me, is a great way for me to connect with God. Complete silence can be more distracting for me so a public environment provides enough level of background noise but creates the space for me to listen and to be still as I read my bible or write down some thoughts. I’ll usually stare out of the window, watching the people and cars go by, just to still myself and allow God to speak into my consciousness and He’ll often speak to me through the things I see or observe.

What are some of the ways you connect with God? We’d love to hear the different ways you connect with Him.

rich_profileRich is based in the UK and leads 3DM Europe with his wife Anna. He has been involved with missional communities for 15 years – pioneering, planting & leading them as well as overseeing leaders across St. Thomas’ Philadelphia for more than 3 years. He has developed leaders’ training, coaching & consultancy resources and a coaching team to disciple leaders and support the work across the ministry. Rich is married to Anna and they have three children – Josiah, Esther and Samuel.


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