3DM Europe serves and resources a global movement focused on coaching and training Christian leaders who will call, invest in and release disciples to live out the good news of Jesus.

We look to combine our many years of learning in a very secular European context with our experience of working with churches, denominations and minstries worldwide — to come alongside leaders who want to address the challenges facing the mission of the church.

Our team members are based in several locations across Europe, leading and serving in the local churches we are a part of as they continue to engage in this same journey.


Over twenty years ago a regular church in the North of England had a heart to reach those outside its walls. That church was made up of ordinary people: Office workers, mums, young adults, pensioners, students and everyone in between. Ordinary people inspired by an extraordinary God.

Together they went on a journey. Making mistakes, trying new things, seeing some successes and lots of failures, together they went on a journey of discipleship and mission. They saw many discipled and come to faith, and the beginnings of community transformation.

Over time this regular church grew to be one of the largest churches in the UK. But more importantly a culture of missional discipleship was established, whereby leaders could be raised up and sent into every imaginable missional context to go and reproduce this same transformation. Over the years a global movement of missional disciples has been established.

Today, there is a growing recognition amongst the church that we live in a changing society: Christendom has long gone and a new approach for our communities and cities is needed: We can no longer wait and expect “them” to “come to us”. Communities, cities and nations need missional disciples who authentically live out the call of Jesus in their everyday lives.

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